The International Institute of Geopoetics has existed for almost thirty-five years. This means that its foundation is based on solid ground, proven by time.

Kenneth White, who was its founder and president until 2013, passed away in August 2023, not without having mapped out the future.

But let us return for the moment and in broad strokes to the history of the geopoetics movement.

Founded on the birthday of Kenneth White on April 28, 1989, the International Institute of Geopoetics has seen a rapid influx of people who sense new existential and intellectual perspectives — an unprecedented freshness. This is was the time of the publication of the Cahiers de géopoétique, where White brought together transdisciplinary contributions covering the field that his work was opening at the confluence of art, science and philosophy. This was the time when the essay Le Plateau de l'Albatros (1994) appeared, an introduction to geopoetics to which those who wanted to understand the basics of this theory-practice never failed to refer. It was also the time, at the organisational level, when White proposed an archipelagisation of the Institute (1993) to promote the creation of research groups here and there in France, Europe and the world. A successful initiative, with a dozen centres emerging rapidly.

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