This section will gather in information on geopoetic activity by members of the Institute. Its aim is to make known to the widest public possible publications and events of a specifically geopoetic nature within the Institute.

≡ May 2021 ≡

• Kenneth WHITE & Jeff MALPASS, The Fundamental Field,
Edinburgh University Press, 184 pp., ISBN : 978-1-4744-8527-2

≡ May 2018 ≡

• International conference on Kenneth WHITE in Glasgow and Edinburgh on May the 29th, 30th and 31srt — you can read the programme with the following link : Kenneth WHITE events May 2018
Registration here. (You can now — september 2018 — listen to some of the recordings)

≡ September 2017 ≡

• Mohammed HASHAS, Intercultural Geopoetics in Kenneth White's Open World
Cambridge Scholar Publishing, pp.170, ISBN: 978-1-4438-9353-4, £61.99

(Read a recension here)

≡ March 2017 ≡

• Kenneth WHITE, Collected Works — Volume 1 « Underground to Otherground »
Incandescent Limbo / Letters from Gourgounel / Travels in the Drifting Dawn
Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp.304, ISBN: 978-1-85752-040-8

The three books contained in this first volume of Kenneth White’s « Collected Works » present the beginnings of one of the most radical and exhilarating figures in modern literature.  The trilogy is not only a summary of White’s itinerary in its initial stages, it opens up a whole intellectual and cultural programme.

≡ January 2016 ≡

• Dominique ROUSSEAU's plastic works website 


≡ October 2015 ≡

Marie-Claude WHITE's photographs website

≡ May 2015

Kenneth WHITE, Guido's Map : A European Pilgrimage
Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp.154 + xii. , 20£, ISBN: 978-1-85752-011-8


≡ June 2013

Kenneth WHITE, The Winds of Vancouver : A Nomadic Report from the North Pacific Edge
Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.114 + vi. , 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-24-3

≡ May 2013

Kenneth WHITE, Ideas of Order at Cape Wrath : Essays
Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.214 + x., 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-17-5

Kenneth WHITE, Latitudes and Longitudes : Poems
Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.139 + xii., 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-16-8