This section will gather in information on geopoetic activity by members of the Institute. Its aim is to make known to the widest public possible publications and events of a specifically geopoetic nature within the Institute.

June 2024

• Glasgow : International Conference celebrating the life and work of Kenneth White

 The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics 
Islands in the Global Age ArtsLab 
at the University of Glasgow 
Heriot-Watt University and 
the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen 
Kenneth White: Travels in Euramerasia 
Celebrating Geopoetics through Creative Environmental Practice 
Friday 14 June 2024 One A The Square, University of Glasgow, University Avenue, Glasgow
Saturday 15 June 2024 Hillhead Library, 348 Byres Road, Glasgow 

This International Conference celebrating the life and work of Kenneth White is open to all. There will be distinguished speakers and panels from France, Poland, Tasmania, USA, Scotland, Ireland and England, + Poetry Readings, Films and Live Music.

You can watch the event in livestreaming : (Meeting ID: 848 0414 8207)

April 2024

• Kenneth WHITE, Geopoetics — Place, Culture, World, Alba Editions, 2023, ISBN 978-0-9529337-9-3, 47 pages, £6, a reedition of the booklet first issued 2003. More informations from the Scottish Center for Geopoetics.

August 2023

• Just a few weeks after the success of the « Rencontres géopoétiques » de Trébeurden, Kenneth WHITE, founder of the Institute and immense author, passed away in his home Gwenved (see the Announcement to Institute members — in French).

≡ June 2023 ≡

• Interview with Kenneth WHITE (in English and Portuguese): « Intellectual Nomadism and Geopoetics » Susana L.M. ANTUNES & Régis POULET, online Review Gragoatá, n°61

≡ April 2023 ≡

• New Geopoetic Centre in Brazil : Geopoetics Research Group of the University of Bahia State in Map of the Geopoetics Centres

≡ December 2021 ≡

• The Scottish Centre for
Geopoetics calls for crowdfunding (all details here) to make Expressing the Earth, a feature documentary film about geopoetics next year.

≡ November 2021 ≡

• Kenneth WHITE, Eyes Wide Open — on the haiku path
The Fishing Cat Press, €15 per copy (plus postage fee)

≡ May 2021 ≡

• Kenneth WHITE & Jeff MALPASS, The Fundamental Field
Edinburgh University Press, 184 pp., ISBN : 978-1-4744-8527-2

≡ May 2018 ≡

• International conference on Kenneth WHITE in Glasgow and Edinburgh on May the 29th, 30th and 31srt — you can read the programme with the following link : Kenneth WHITE events May 2018
Registration here. (You can now — september 2018 — listen to some of the recordings)

≡ September 2017 ≡

• Mohammed HASHAS, Intercultural Geopoetics in Kenneth White's Open World
Cambridge Scholar Publishing, pp.170, ISBN: 978-1-4438-9353-4, £61.99

(Read a recension here)

≡ March 2017 ≡

• Kenneth WHITE, Collected Works — Volume 1 « Underground to Otherground »
Incandescent Limbo / Letters from Gourgounel / Travels in the Drifting Dawn

Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp.304, ISBN: 978-1-85752-040-8

The three books contained in this first volume of Kenneth White’s « Collected Works » present the beginnings of one of the most radical and exhilarating figures in modern literature.  The trilogy is not only a summary of White’s itinerary in its initial stages, it opens up a whole intellectual and cultural programme.

≡ January 2016 ≡

• Dominique ROUSSEAU's plastic works website 


≡ October 2015 ≡

• Marie-Claude WHITE's photographs website

≡ May 2015

• Kenneth WHITE, Guido's Map : A European Pilgrimage

Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp.154 + xii. , 20£, ISBN: 978-1-85752-011-8


≡ June 2013

• Kenneth WHITE, The Winds of Vancouver : A Nomadic Report from the North Pacific Edge

Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.114 + vi. , 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-24-3

≡ May 2013

• Kenneth WHITE, Ideas of Order at Cape Wrath : Essays
Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.214 + x., 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-17-5

• Kenneth WHITE, Latitudes and Longitudes : Poems
Aberdeen: Reseach Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.139 + xii., 20£, ISBN: 978-1-906108-16-8