The world is in a wretched state. Whole areas and elements of the physical environment are disappearing before our eyes. Rather than settle into comfortable despair or mindless inanity, our desire is to open up a world with some depth of life. This means a rediscovery of the Earth, which includes ecology, but goes further, into questions of existence and culture.

For there to be anything like real culture, humanity needs, beyond its historically dictated differences, a common basis.

All that and more is implied in geopoetics, a theory-practise invented and developed by Kenneth White, conceptualised in his essays, illustrated in his nomadic waybooks, expressed in his outward-moving poetry.

The aim of the International Institute of Geopoetics is to present various inroads of knowledge into this field and bring together all those who see in it a horizon of possibility.

A wide range of texts and documents will be available on this site, enabling anyone interested to deepen his or her understanding of geopoetics and spread the idea.